अर्ध सैनिक क्रेडिट कोऑपरेटिव सोसाइटी (एएसकॉप्स) शुरू करने से पहले हम सैनिक समुदाय की इच्छा ले रहे हैं। एक राज्य में शुरू करने के लिए न्यूनतम 100+ सदस्यों की आवश्यकता होती है। यदि आप इच्छुक हैं, तो निःशुल्क सदस्यता फॉर्म भरें। हालाँकि, सदस्यता को अंतिम रूप दिया जाएगा, यदि सैनिक इस क्रेडिट सोसाइटी के माध्यम से अपनी दिन-प्रतिदिन की वित्तीय आवश्यकता को पूरा करने के इच्छुक हैं।

We are taking willingness of the Soldiers Community, before start the Ardh Sainik Credit Cooperative Society (AsCops). Minimum 100+ members require to start in a State. If you are willing, fill free membership form. However, membership will be finalized, if Soldiers are willing to fulfill their day to day financial need through this Crdit Society.

First time for Soldier Community

Under the aegis of Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.) Delhi, India

  • Be a member of AsCops

  • Regular Saving option

  • Insurance Support

  • Short term and other various loan facilities

About AsCops

The Ardh Sainik Welfare Trust (Regd.), Delhi, India, is serving to the Soldiers Community since 2015 for their overall growth in their personal and social life through www.ArdhSainik.com.

There is a regular demand and requirement of timely and easy financial support system for the Soldiers Community. Therefore, Ardh Sainik Credit Co-operative Society www.AsCops.org being launched “to support the Soldier Community to achieve their dreams through a self-help movement by the Soldiers itself to ensure and fulfil the financial needs for the Soldiers community and their families.”

AsCops Founder
Puran Chand Arya

Founder Chairman

A dynamic Administrator with nearly 26 years of experience in office Administration, Grievance Handling and closely liaison with Government Authorities. Strong ability to master a situation quickly; highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of professional disciplines and an expert at organizing & directing turnaround situations. Expertise in providing expert opinion in matters of Government related issued for organizations. Proficiency in supporting and sustaining a positive work environment that fosters team performance with strong communication and relationship management skills.

An effective communicator with exceptional negotiation, persuasion & relationship skills with ability to relate to people at any level of business.

AsCops Scheme
  • The principal object of the AsCops will be to promote the interests of all its members to attain their social and economic betterment through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with the cooperative principles.

  • To encourage savings amongst its members by offering suitable facilities.

  • To accept money as deposit from the members of the Society for the purposes of lending and investment in accordance with the Cooperative principles Act.

  • To provide credit facilities to its members for personal loan, home loan, small business loan and other necessary purposes.

  • To provide loan to members of the society for self-employment and income generation.

  • To arrange facilities for availing loans on easy and convenient terms from banks and other financial institutions for members of the society.

  • To undertake welfare activities for members, employees and their children for the promotion of their moral, educational and physical improvement.

  • To provide loan to the members for purchase of vehicles.

  • To set up of various Institute for generation of Income for members and welfare of family members of society.

AsCops benefits.

All the registered Soldiers/member of the Ardh Sainik Credit Co-operative Society can avail following benefits as per the scheme.

  • Saving with interest.

  • Insurance Cover.

  • Short term loan for emergency needs of Members.

  • Education loan for study of Members.

  • Housing loan/Housing Societies for Members.

  • Can be built up institutes for wards of Members.

  • Any other activities required for the members.

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